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artist spotlight – brenda bogart

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dallas-based artist, brenda bogart’s studio, adjoined to her home, is nothing short of magical. it’s as if it is an extension of all the millions {perhaps zillions} of little thoughts only a creative-mind can muster became tangible and lay about the tables {and all over the walls} for the whole world to see. it is quite simply organized {colorful} chaos — labeled and filed away in categories that only she can understand. surrounded by hundreds of books, magazines, clippings, sketches, trinkets, succulents, her easel and just a few hundred brushes. paint splatters the floor, walls, faucets, knobs and even the light switches — nothing is off limits.

designing some of the greatest hotels across the world, bogart, had a long time career with trisha wilson & associates and then later her own design firm. she then schooled her way through the entire SMU arts program and picked up a paintbrush in 2006. since, then she’s been creating and crafting as a full-time artist.

her rituals: bogart enters her studio through a very secret door camouflaged by egg-crate style bookshelves adjacent to her master bedroom sitting area and home office. she begins each morning with a cup of tea overlooking her newest works and ends every evening in her studio to assess her progress. isn’t that just brilliant? it’s her very own lion.witch.and.wardrobe. narnia really does exist for bogart.

her inspiration: she’s literally obsessed {her words, not ours} with faces. she’s crazy about the wrinkles, the crows feet, the laugh lines, double chins, bushy brows, and the stories they all have to tell. she says “very old men seem to be the best subjects,” for all of the for-mentioned features {again, her words, not ours}.

her icons: bogart has become known for her whimsical portrait paintings of some of the real greats. einstein, atticus finch, reagan, jfk, abe lincoln and mark twain to name a few. she challenges herself to read each of their biographies as she paints their faces. “i am fascinated by each of them — they all have a common thread — they went against the grain and kept pursuing what was inside of them,” says bogart.
she is a mother to a darling {and very artistically-inclined} daughter and handsome blue-eyed {like his mama} young man. she and her husband, bill, and their two dogs, ruby and ranger, live and love each other well.

we are honored to be surrounded my brenda’s work everyday inside the shop. her artwork is nearly as beautiful as her heart.